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Weekend in Berlin, December 2003

The SHOT Christmas dinner trip.

The Reichstag Dome The Reichstag Dome The Reichstag Dome View from the Reichstag Dome
The Reichstag Dome and the view from the dome.

The Brandenburg gate Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt Berlin Wall
The Brandenburg Gate; Christmas market at the Gendarmenmarkt; one of the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall, at the "Topographie des Terrors".

Meal at Gugelhof Meal at Gugelhof
The meal at Gugelhof (attended by 26 people!).

Trip to France, August 2003

A week's trip to Brittany to visit my boyfriend Craig's brother Simon and his wife Lisa at the farmhouse they're doing up. The house is on the edge of a village called Trans-la-Foret, about half an hour from St. Malo.

On the ferry St Malo
Coming into St Malo on the ferry from Poole.

Trans House Back of house & pond Barn Outbuildings Craig &Simon
The village of Trans, and the farmhouse and outbuildings (earmarked for future renovation and holiday lets). The last photo shows Craig & Simon clearing undergrowth. Since Simon and Lisa both work on Jersey - a daily commute of about five hours in total - they're getting professionals in to do most of the renovation work.

Dol Dol cathedral Dol cathedral On Mont-Dol
Dol and its cathedral (they ran out of money to finish the second tower); with Hannah (Lisa's half-sister, who was also visiting) and Elliott (Lisa's son) on Mont-Dol. We could just about see Mont-St-Michel in the distance but it's not really discernible on the photo.

Mont-St-Michel Abbey cloisters on Mont-St-Michel Grand' Rue
Mont-St-Michel: the approach, the cloisters in the abbey, and the very crowded Grand' Rue.

Chateau de Combourg
The chateau in Combourg, not far from Trans.

Dinan Dinan Dinan: Jardin Anglais & basilica Dinan: old port Dinan valley Dinan: panorama from ramparts
The very attractive mediaeval town of Dinan.

Fete du Cochon Fete du Cochon Fete du Cochon
At a neighbouring village's Fete du Cochon (Pig Festival) with Simon & Lisa and friends Ray & Teresa.

St Malo beach &port St Malo
St Malo, where we spent a few hours before sailing back to the UK.

Trip to Germany, June 2003

An eight-day trip around the southern half of Germany in mid-June, brushing up on my German language skills (prior to commencing my teacher training) and catching up with friends whom I'd not seen in several years.

I spent two nights each in Erlangen (near Nuremberg), a village called Kluftern near Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance (where I spent a year working at Dornier when I was a student in 1991-2), Stuttgart, and Cologne. In Erlangen I stayed with Richard, who was on the same course as me at university; in Kluftern my hosts were Markus, who'd had a holiday job in the same department as me at Dornier, and his girlfriend Marlene; in Stuttgart I visited Torsten, who'd also had a holiday job in the same place; and in Cologne I stayed with Steve & Lisa, members of SHOT.

Erlangen botanic gardens Erlanger Schloss
The botanic gardens and Schloss (palace) in Erlangen.

Nuernberg Nuernberg At Nuernberger Schloss Nuernberg
In Nuremberg with Richard.

Erlanger Bergkirchweih Erlanger Bergkirchweih Erlanger Bergkirchweih
With Richard & Win at the Erlanger Bergkirchweih - the local beer festival, which happened to be in progress when I visited. The Riesenrad (big wheel) was 55 metres tall.

Augsburg Fuggerei
A stop-off in Augsburg on the way to Friedrichshafen. The Fuggerei (second picture) was the world's first social housing development, built in about the 1500s by the wealthy Fugger family for Catholic citizens who werein need through no fault of their own. It still serves the same purpose today. The lady in the little museum, who lives in the Fuggerei, seemed to want to spend all day telling me how everything had doubled in price since the deutschmark was replaced by the euro. It was a relief when someone else came in and distracted her!

Markus, Marlene & me In the Bodensee
Swimming in Lake Constance (the Bodensee) with Markus and Marlene.

Friedrichshafen Friedrichshafen
Friedrichshafen town centre. During summer 1992 I lived in the rooftop flat above the Mueller drugstore (orange vertical sign in first picture). You can also see the flat in the middle of the panoramic picture, just to the left of the big white building (the new home of the Zeppelin Museum) and the tower block behind it. I did call in to see if Herr Sedlemeier, my old landlord, was at home, but was told that he'd died. It was only a few months ago that he sent me a postcard from Sydney - he was doing a round-the-world trip by freight ship, I believe - so I can't have missed him by much. He was already in his 70s when I lived in Friedrichshafen, so I suppose he's had a decent innings.

Meersburg Meersburg Meersburg Meersburg Lindau Lindau Lindau
Meersburg and Lindau.

Grilling Zeppelin
Markus grilling on the balcony, and a Zeppelin taking a pleasure flight over the lake. I believe it's only in the last couple of years that the airships have been put back into service.

Birgit, Markus, Torsten, Cordula Braten & spaetzle Maultaschen Poster for concert Mel C
My first night in Stuttgart. The first photo shows Torsten second from right with his girlfriend Cordula, and their friends Markus and Birgit, at a Schwaebisch restaurant. The other two pictures are of some of the local specialities: Braten (roasted/fried meat), spaetzle (a kind of dumpling-y pasta) and maultaschen (like giant ravioli). After the meal we walked to the Schlossplatz to see the last half-hour or so of a big free concert that was taking place. Mel C was the headline act, and we saw most of her performance. She really is a pretty good singer!

Up the TV tower Schloss Ludwigsburg Schloss Ludwigsburg Schloss Ludwigsburg Altes Schloss Altes Schloss
In and around Stuttgart: Torsten about to launch a miniature paper aeroplane from the top of the TV tower; Schloss Ludwigsburg (known as the Versailles of Baden-Wuerttemberg, and well worth a visit); the old palace in Stuttgart city centre.

Kate & cookie mix Kate & cookie mix
In Cologne: Lisa's sister Kate making cookies. Her first attempt had been less than successful, so when this batch turned out to be edible she was so delighted that she had to call Lisa and tell her!

Koelner Dom Koelner Dom At top of south tower View from Koelner Dom Altstadt
In Cologne. The fourth picture shows the view from the tower looking towards Steve & Lisa's flat, which is just in front of the trees at the base of the TV tower. The last picture is of the Old Town with the church of Gross St. Martin.

In the thermal baths Schloss Augustusburg
First picture: in the thermal baths with Steve's mum (centre) and assorted aunts and uncles who'd come out to visit at the same time as I was there. At the thermal baths I had a sauna experience that I won't forget in a hurry! Second picture: Schloss Augustusburg, a short train ride out of Cologne.

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