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Pancake party, 4th March 2003

Most years I host pancake party on Shrove Tuesday, the last day before the beginning of Lent. It's better known in some countries as Mardi Gras.

Saori and Craig tossing pancakes Ceroc demo - Sally & Phil The group
Saori & Craig tossing pancakes; Sally & Phil demonstrating ceroc; most of the guests.

Jaeda's hen weekend, 29th November - 1st December 2002

For Jaeda's hen weekend (thanks for organising it, Ela) 14 of us piled into a cottage in NW Devon, a few miles north of Bude. Jaeda's fiancé Martin had his stag do in Prague the same weekend - but the lads can't possibly have had more fun than we did!

Friday night Friday night Friday night Friday night Friday night - sparklers
In the cottage on Friday night.

The cottage
The cottage we stayed in, a former farmhouse which was much bigger inside than it looks on this photo.

Quiz Quiz Cafe
Saturday morning: poring over a quiz, then poring over menus in a café in Bude.

Bude cliffs Bude cliffs Miriam Lynne
Miriam's and my clifftop walk at Bude...

Miriam paddling Lynne paddling Miriam washing her feet
... followed by a paddle in the sea, then washing the sand off using the handwashers in the public toilets.

Bude beach Beach race Beach race
On the beach at Bude. Unfortunately I missed the bit where three people went in for a dip, but I'm assured that Nicky F got it on video.

Dinner preparation The toast Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
Dinner on Saturday night.

T-shirt T-shirt Bangle
Ela presenting Jaeda with a couple of gifts from the rest of us: a T-shirt which had a photo of her and Martin on the front and which we'd all signed on the back, and a silver bangle.

Pass the parcel Blow-up husband
Playing pass the parcel (we'd all contributed prizes so there was one in each layer, hence the huge parcel); and Jaeda's blow-up husband - later christened Eric - being inflated.

We'd been invited over to the neighbouring golf club, where a party was in progress, so after dinner, party games and a substantial amount of alcohol we trooped over there, most of us armed with forfeits.

Forfeits Forfeits
Forfeits in progress. There weren't many single men between about 16 and 60 in the place, so these three lads got used for the majority of the forfeits. They didn't seem to mind too much!

Jon & Ela Jon & Ela ELa, Jaeda and Jon on stage On stage On stage On stage
Jon (lead singer), Ela, Jaeda and the rest of us on the stage. The band (White Horses, who we were told included former members of the Troggs and the Sweet) were very accommodating. They did have the good sense to turn the backing mikes off when we invaded the stage though!

Damage limitation
Damage limitation: Nicky F mopping up some of the bubbly that Caroline had been spraying everyone with.

Dancing on chairs Dancing on chairs Band and hen party Martin, Leon & Mike signing Jaeda's T-shirt
Afterwards we invited the band back to our cottage. We hadn't been sure they were going to show up, but once they'd cleared their gear up they did come over, to find us all dancing to Kylie on the kitchen chairs. Of course they all had to sign Jaeda's T-shirt. Most of the members left after an hour or so, but Jonathan, the singer, stayed on until after 5am. Can't remember the last time I stayed up that late!

Tomochan, Megumi & Mikaru's visit, 10th-12th August 2002

At the Mailbox Tomochan & canal
In Birmingham city centre: the Mailbox and canals.

By the market cross, Henley-in-Arden Picnic lunch in Broadway Broadway Tower Taking photos with the sheep View from Broadway Tower Cream tea in Stratford
In Warwickshire and the Cotswolds.

Girls' night out at RB's Nightclub (formerly Rosie O'Brien's) in Solihull, 3rd August 2002

Karen M, Sue, Amanda and Jacqueline.

Trevor the bouncer and me.

With Karen B, Al, Emily & a few others.

Girls' get-together at Anne-Marie's, 12th May 2002

Sue (at home the night before)

Karen & Robert Karen & Robert
Karen & Robert

AM, Robert & Simon AM & Robert Simon & Robert Simon & Robert
Anne-Marie, Simon and Robert

Girls & baby
Lynne, Karen, Anne-Marie, Sue and Robert

Kev's party, 4th May 2002

Kevin's 33rd birthday party.

My kitchen-warming, 23rd February 2002

A party to christen my new kitchen.

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