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Japanese cookery & Kirin day, 15th June 2002

About a dozen of us got together at Tile Hill Wood School in Coventry (where Ben is a teacher), to do a bit of Japanese cooking and drink Japanese Kirin beer... and, as it turned out, to watch the England-Denmark World Cup match. We took over the school cookery room and made miso soup, kara-age (deep-fried marinaded chicken) and a pork, aubergine and miso dish - and of course sticky rice, without which no Japanese meal is complete.

The cookery room Poring over the recipe Cooking Cooking Deep-frying the kara-age Waiting for the kara-age Kara-age Setting the table Getting stuck in Enjoying the meal Ruby sampling the leftover kara-age Watching the match
Japanese cookery day

National Space Centre, 16th March 2002

The National Space Centre in Leicester was running a weekend of events with a Japanese theme, and Mamoru Mohri, the first Japanese astronaut, was in attendance. Along with the London Anglo-Japanese choir, we met Mr. Mohri and also took part in a simulated Space Shuttle mission.

With Mohri On the way 'into space' With our two captains, after the mission
At the National Space Centre

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