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Index page
This is just the entrance to my site, with an account of its hosting history.

Home page
An introduction to who I am and what this site is all about

Site map
You are here!

Recent news
Since my return from Japan to the UK in summer 2001

Photo album
Recent & miscellaneous photos - index page

SHOT (Hiking Club) 2002/3 and 2004/5
National Trust voluntary work
My house
UK travels
European travels

Japan: personal experiences & useful information

My experiences of Japan (and other parts of Asia)

My 1997 visit to Japan

Life on the JET Programme

Part 1: July 1999
Part 2: 1st-15th August 1999
Part 3: 16th-31st August 1999
Part 4: September 1999
Part 5: October 1999
Part 6: November 1999
Part 7: December 1999
Part 8: January 2000
Part 9: February 2000
Part 10: March 2000
Part 11: April 2000
Part 12: May 2000
Part 13: June 2000
Part 14: July 2000
Part 15: August 2000
Part 16: September 2000
Part 17: October 2000
Part 18: November 2000
Part 19: December 2000
Part 20: January 2001
Part 21: February 2001
Part 22: 1st-18th March 2001
Part 23: 19th March - 2nd April 2001
Part 24: 3rd-30th April 2001
Part 25: May 2001
Part 26: June 2001
Part 27: 1st-18th July 2001
Part 28: 24th July - 2nd August 2001
Part 29: 3rd-12th August 2001

Christmas & New Year in Okinawa, 1999/2000
Hong Kong / southern China, March/April 2000:
        part 1; part 2; Chinglish, general observations & links; route map
Christmas & New Year in Singapore & Malaysia, 2000/1:
        part 1; part 2
Korea, July 2001

Useful information

What to take (and what to leave behind) - for longer stays
Getting online in Japan
Speeches - self-introductory and other speeches in Japanese. Please help yourself!
Japan costs - day-to-day travel expenses
Water heater instructions - how to operate that scary-looking thing in the bathroom!
JET FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the JET Programme
Denshijisho - Some notes that might be of help to anyone considering buying an electronic Japanese / English dictionary (research carried out in early 2001, so unfortunately a bit out of date now)


My collection of Japlish - page 1 and page 2
Hikone Nishi ESS homepage (now moved to an external site)
A foreigner in Japan - observations, based on my own experience, of Japanese attitudes to foreigners
A British-style pantomime: Dick Whittington - background info, and my original plot and script (in very simple English!)
Kimono - information about the traditional Japanese kimono

Japan: links
Lots of useful and/or interesting Japan-related links

National Trust Working Holidays
A cheap week's holiday, doing voluntary conservation work in England or Wales.

Information page

Photo gallery

NT photo archives
Events Holiday at Chartwell in Kent, June 1999
21 Plus Holiday at Holnicote on Exmoor, October 2002
Acorn Holiday at Wallington (Northumberland) & Gibside (Tyne & Wear), April 2003
Acorn Holiday at Wasdale, May 2003
Oak Holiday at Wallington (Northumberland), June 2003
21 Plus Holiday at Windermere, August 2004

Minibus training, May 2002
"Dirty Weekends"
NT Megabash at Craflwyn, September 2004

Resources for working holiday leaders

Tanuki House: Homestay in the UK (external site)
Packages of homestay, English lessons and sightseeing, primarily for Japanese guests.

SHOT (external site - not mine)
The hiking club of which I'm a member.

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